Free Ukulele Classes

Uke University

Uke University is a collection of free ukulele classes, workshops and clubs held at The Strum Shop all throughout the month. Keep updated on upcoming classes and more by subscribing to our newsletter and/or checking out our calendar.

Ukulele Class & Strum-A-Long

Always on the 1st Friday of every month at 7pm & the following Saturday at 10am

We dedicate the first 20 minutes to a beginner lesson (basic chords, etc.). Then we play (or strum-a-long) to songs which we project onto a big screen for all to see.

The Strum Shop’s ukulele club is one of the most upbeat, accepting, helpful & friendly clubs you will ever attend. Beginners to advanced player are all welcome. If you are having any trouble please feel free to ask a Strum Shop staff member or even the the friendly club member sitting next to you!

Banjo Ukulele Club

First Thursday of Every Month 7:00pm
We are exploring the many song possibilities and rhythms of this wonderful little instrument called “The Banjo Ukulele”, playing and learning songs of the “Tin Pan Alley” time period, as well as embracing “clawhammer” style playing. No banjo uke required, however, a HIGH “G” is certainly recommended. More…

Baritone Ukulele Club

Second Sunday of Every Month at 2:00pm

All ages and playing abilities are welcome to join in on our ‘Baritone Ukulele Play Time’ at The Strum Shop in Roseville! Even if you don’t own a baritone uke, you are welcome to grab one off the wall of our shop and join right in! More…

5th Saturday Ukulele Jam

5th Saturday of a Month at 10:00am

Come join us for some great music and  a chance to “jam” together! Bring your ukulele (or any other acoustic instrument) and some music (with enough copies for about 30 people) and let’s make some noise!!  Hosted by Budd Snell and Sue Blair, always on the 5th Saturday of a month!

Strum-believable Ukulele Strumming Workshop

Happens roughly every three months at different dates and times. Join the mailing list to receive a notification when the next one is coming!
Are you tired of all your songs sounding the same?  This beginner class will teach you “how to strum” in a way that will help your songs sound like they are supposed to, and not just the usual “up and down” strumming that we uke players seem to default to. By the end of class, you will understand four new ways to strum, as well as being able to play the infamous “strum # 7”! (Somewhere Over The Rainbow strum made famous by Brother Iz…)